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compatabilty issue

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Good day All

Been awile, but still around.

I have a situation where we think it is a compatability issue.

I run both VW2012 and VW 11.5 on my PC.

We cant seem to get some scripts/tools working in the 11.5 version.

could this be cuase we have both installed even thoy we are running compatability mode?

I have to add it is tools created by someone else, so non standerd to VW, but it does work, just not on mine.

All comments and ideas Welcome

Thank you.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The scripts from 2012 may use some new functions that are not available in 11.5. Normally you will see error messages when this happens.

For tools the plug-in format is not backwards compatible. You can normally use a tool created in say 11.5 in 2012 but 11.5 will not recognize a tool created in 2012.

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Hi Kevin

Thanks, and yes I agree.

The tools were created in 2003 and the other office is running the same setups with both versions, we just dont know what seems to be the problem as the IT guy is not a VW boffin.

So, in a drop down menu you would click on the function/tool to activate it and bring up a OIP of it. Similar to the camera tool or screen tool we have now.

When we do try this after all paremeters have been set, nothing happens.

Some files might be in the wrong place. What could we look for to try and find the fualt.

Reinstalling did not work.

Thank you

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If they work on one machine but not another check the permissions on the folders.

There were also some folder name changes and file extension changes between 11.5 and 2012 that could be causing issues.

I's probably best for you to contact tech support directly at this point. Without seeing the file file structure and exactly what it's doing I'm guessing at things from here.

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  • 2 weeks later...


It seems the big issue is the Windows 7 interface.

Even though with compatibility mode I will have to run a remote login system on a seperate machine. There might be a work around to this though.

Bottomline is the VW11.5 plugin does not run on Win7 and that will not be able to change.

Thanks for the input Kevin

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