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Help!! "this command only works on layer links that are not locked"

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Please help,

I have been working happily away in Vectorworks 2012 (SP5) on a bunch of 2d P&ID drawings.

I imported some DWG files.

Now whenever I try to convert an object to viewport, i get the error message:

"this command only works on layer links that are not locked"

This is happening in any drawing, current, old, newly created. I can no longer convert to viewport at all in vectorworks.

I have never used layer links always viewports for presenting drawings.

I have tried unlocking objects etc. but no luck.

Any assistance would be appreciated,



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The purpose of the "Convert to Viewport" command is to convert Layer Links (Fundamentals) to Design Layer Viewports (Design Series). It only works if the Layer Link is unlocked though.

The message you are getting says exactly what it means, the command only works on unlocked Layer Links. I am not sure what you are trying to use the command for, but it is only intended to be used on Layer Links.

To create a new viewport of an object, draw a crop object around the object and choose View/Create Viewport. But any viewports in the DWG should automatically convert to viewports in the Vectorworks file when you import.

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