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Rotate tool's protractor image doesn't help

Tom G.


In v.2013 there is a grayed image of a protractor that springs up whenever the Rotate tool is invoked. It's big and bold and suggests that it has some built-in power but in fact, unless someone out there can explain otherwise, merely blocks the view of the elements I'm trying to rotate.

This was not an advance, in my opinion and should be done away with or made selectable to be disabled (which would be weird in its own way).

Please, anyone with an enlightened opinion? I'd love to know what I'm missing, other than the view of what I'm trying to rotate.


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I actually really like the protractor. Is yours not transparent so you can see objects through it?

Its orientation is also affected by your Screen Plane / Layer Plane and Automatic settings. In Screen Plane the protractor is flat to the screen. In Layer Plane it is flat to the layer regardless of your view. In Automatic it switches to show you which plane you are rotating on. Very useful and necessary then.


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All right then! I asked and you explained a feature I've not yet made use of. Thanks for that helpful explanation.

I'd still like it to not show on the Screen Plane since, while it is semi-transparent, it doesn't provide any real advantage in that orientation.


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