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output viewport cache to a seperate file



It would be very useful to have VW output it's viewport cache to a separate folder. That way the file size of the actual CAD could be small, and one could send file to someone else without all of the viewports intact.

I'm assuming that the viewports are just pngs or some other bitmapped type of file that is just referenced into the right place.

There are other obvious advantages to this, like being able to just pull out a specific viewport, perhaps touch up the image in photoshop, and have it be re-insterted in the document.

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I agree about file management. But the C4D rendering engine is easily capable of generating the files. A Vectorworks file with rendered viewports would need to have an associated folder (much like a tex folder is used by C4D for project textures). Vectorworks already has the ability to link to a referenced image so this process would just need to be automated and pointed at the associated folder.


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Also, there are many asset folders (acutally, most of them) that are controlled internally by VW. Think tiles, images, hatches, etc. One would only need to "extract" the image to work on it in a separate program, and then import it back into the folder. Or, in the case of sharing files with clients/others, one could simply select all, and delete, thereby reducing file size drastically.

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