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A question about 3D Filleting


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Does anybody really know why the 3d fillet/chamfer tool is not part of the history tree?

Is it a technical issue, which I find hard to believe.

Is just something that is now so forgotten about that no matter how many time it is wished for it will never be realised.

I assume there is a valid reason that something so obvious is still not available and I'd really like to know

Thank you

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Using the push/pull tool makes the history tree in most situations not needed anymore. So I think they are working hard to completely make the history obsolete and make sure all works fine.

But in some cases, being part of the history would be very handy. Now I always do the fillet/chamfer in the last step, so when it is needed to edit the history, I can ungroup, edit the history and do the fillet/chamfer again.

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Guy having edits which can't be modified without undoing work doesn't really work for us architects either. Therefore from an architectural point of view I think direct editing would be preferable to history editing, though I can see arguements for both ways. If history editing is to remain then 3D fillets, chamfers and shells would all need to become part of the history.

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