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Rendering time.

I wouldn't want a FQRW viewport to start rerendering and max out 8 cores every time I change the catalog number of the oven hood or move an outlet.

It would be nice if we could choose which viewports should "stay live" and which should wait for instructions to update.

When you need to change one little thing... add a note or change an outlet to GFCI 10 minutes before shipping a drawing, you don't want 100+ viewports to pick that moment to start rerendering.

Not to hijack your thread, but..

I've long wished for a vector script or other way to remove the barber pole from a viewport. If you change the graphic attributes of a section line instance, then the section viewport connected to that section line shows the "out of date" barber pole - even though nothing has changed. Likewise, if you change the price of a piece of furniture in a database, then every viewport that shows that furniture piece will show the "out of date" barber pole - even though no geometry has changed.

Rant over.


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i often wish that there was a setting under preferences to turn off the barber pole.

as for live sections--something we've been wishing for for years--they are not merely for viewing, but crucially needed as an active tool for design. the current section viewport, which has some advantages for presentation, creates too much of a separation between designing and viewing.



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Do you have clients that have actually taken the trouble to download and learn that awful program!?

Sorry, thought you were talking about the VWs viewer, which really is a terrible solution for 'ordinary' people (not versed in the ways of VWs), using 'ordinary' computers (not bought for running 6Gb large graphics programs)........

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