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As I was digging around in the stock title blocks last night I ran across an odd one (at least for me). In the custom title block (custom title blocks-2 layer) I fount that some fields are populated with different suffixes such as _SN, _SD#. now I know the # is for multiline. What are these codes as I cannot find any reference to them in any documentation (or at least where I am looking). Also are there any other prefixes or suffixes that offer functionality that are not listed, or even a master list?

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Its all secret information ;-)

SN = Sheet Number

SD = Sheet Title

Its a way to auto-populate the sheet number and sheet title based on the sheet layer information when automatic drawing co-ordination is turned on (Document Settings>Document Preferences>Use Automatic Drawing Co-ordination).

Its the main reason to use automatic drawing co-ordination in my opinion.


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