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Attributes palette--selecting line type question

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Vwks 2013 has a major change in the way one would select a line type. In v.2012 and back, if I wanted a line diameter and a dash style--or to change a dash style back to solid, I could make both changes directly from one palette using the Attributes palette. Now I have to open, select, then close the thickness palette and enter the Line Type palette to make my dash (or solid) selection.

What's weird is that in the Line Type default palette, there is NO simple solid line. The intuitive means for returning to a solid line choice is gone since there is no solid line offered.

Who has an efficient scheme to set these two parameters in one go?

I'm completely flummoxed by this change, despite being pleased with the new line varieties offered.


PS. I don't use classes to draw lines.

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The Solid Line is listed in the pulldown as Solid. For solid lines there is no change from previous versions. There used to be a "Dashed" choice, but that has been replaced by "Line Type. Not the most intuitive or elegant solution in my opinion. But it works once you get used to it, and it does offer some added capabilities that did not exist before (like Line Types containing text or symbols).

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I show no Solid line as an option among the line styles on my Line Type palette although I can get to a solid line if I click out of the Line Type palette and click on the line palette icon controlling line color and set the icon to Solid. Hugely unintuitive if that's how yours works.

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