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V_Works 13

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here is a copy of an email I just sent re V-Works 13

I swear this version of V-works is the MOST infuriating version ever!!!! I cannot get this to dimension properly. I click on points and it put the dimensions some where else on the page--WTF??

I go to the website to find answers and its so hard to navigate , its driving me crazy.

I need tech support to figure out what the problem is with it and I get web request forms.... I have a job to do and cant spend my time looking for solutions to problems. I would rather use version 12..... I had NO issues with this version, I could use on multiple computers, and didn't get charged these service fees. Please give me a number to call to talk to a real live person about these issues.

Im not sure if its just me or if others feel the same.

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My guess is that your problems are from having a mix of Screen Plane and Layer Plane objects.

If you only draw in 2D (ie. not model) then:

- Set the Plane mode in Document Preferences to Screen Plane Only.

- Select your 2D objects and make sure they are Screen Plane on the OIP

( if they show as Layer Plane or 3D switch them to Screen Plane).

- Make sure you are working in Top/Plan View.

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If Mike's sound advice isn't moving you forward, try posting an example file here so we can see what is happening in your file.

I see what you mean about phoning tech. If you are on VSS, log in to the portal and find the tech support info there. The general tech support phone is not obvious on the Vectorworks website. A search site for "contact us" returns the numbers. Don't know how the time zone shift will affect availability:

Contact Us . . .

Tech Support

Our hours of operation are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST. Please look through our Community Board to see if your question has been answered there before contacting Tech Support.

Phone: 443-542-0411

Fax: 410-290-8050

E-mail: tech@vectorworks.net

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