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Plan view of stacked windows/doors

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The best way I've found is to use two walls in two design layers (just like a two story bldg). That allows for more visibility options. I have sometimes shown a clerestory wall, in Plan View, as a partial Plan, referenced/detailed on the same sheet as the Floor Plan below. I also generally show the window layout in Elevation, for clarity.

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I have 3D classes for this purposes (i.e. Doors-3D; Windows-3D etc), put the objects you don't want to view in Top/Plan view in this(these) classes, this way you can show/hide them as you wish and also control the way they look with the class settings and overrides......

Peters method is good if you need to show specific wall details etc. for the clerestory windows however it includes slightly more work.

(Move to Front should work...strange it doesn't for you, are you sure both window and door are inserted in the wall, have you tried Send to Back for the clerestory window......try inserting the object you want to see, last....)

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("Convert copy to lines" performed on the window to get the objects) when we don't want to show a cut in the wall.

Sounds like extra work to me... ;)

You do know there is a setting in the OIP for Windows/Doors where you can set how the window is inserted into the wall don't you ? Among them is 'no break' and 'break without caps'.....if this is of any help, this way both 3D and 2D are still correct.....


It is also possible to place a window in the correct place however without it inserting into the wall (deactivate the correct button on the mode bar) however this means the 3D won't look correct because the window won't be visible.


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If you set the upper window(s) to be "clerestory" in the Object Info Palette (OIP), it/they will show up in plan as simplified dashed line windows in the wall, without breaks (no need to select "no break" in the OIP (I don't even know what that would be for!).  If you don't want the dashed lines to show, create a class called e.g. WINDOW-CLERESTORY, put those windows in that class, and then turn that class off when in Plan view.  You will then only see the lower windows and the lower wall breaks.
As to how to generate a non-dashed plan view of the clerestory windows, well I'm not there yet.  Stay tuned.

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