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2013 SP2 High cpu usage question

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Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior.

On Designer 2013 SP2 build 176329, I'm seeing one processor (I'm on a 8-core) pegged to 100% by VW with no files open.

On my laptop (also Mac) but with the earlier original build of SP2 the processor utilization is more like 3-5% when VW is launched with nothing open and

during normal drawing use, 20-30%. I would expect high cpu usage when rendering, but this behavior seems odd without a file open.


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My v2013 hangs out at 4 or 5% CPU if no file open. A 36mb file with a simple site model takes the CPU to 9%. Open or closing the file jumps temp to 35%. During Flyover with OGL render iCPU goes to about 50%, but drops back when mouse at rest. Even FQRW process only takes it up to 50%. (it's a really small file).


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2013 Fundamentals speed issues

Hi I bought 2013 last year with a new iMac 3.2ghz 8gb memory osx 10.8.5 it's now on service pack 5.

I would like some advice to make it more useable its seems very slow!

I do relatively (compared to building plans) simple steel or wood designs and sculpture for fabrication - custom fireplaces, storage units etc...

Fundamentals has no 'realistic' render options, which is fine, so most of the time I want to manipulate 3d models in Final Shaded polygon, white fill black line.

Drawings are between 30-50mb

However switching views through top, left iso, front etc.. seems to take an age, with spinning wheel etc? sometime all out freezes.

The activity monitor shows these simple moves spike the CPU at 100% is that normal?

Any advices?

Should I reinstall with earlier service pack change Os?

Set up drawings in a different way?

Please don't suggest buying 2015 (in space of 12 months 2 versions - crazy - small businesses can't cope if 2013 is a lemon I'd rather go somewhere else)



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