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2013 High cpu usage question


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Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior.

On Designer 2013 SP2 build 176329, I'm seeing one processor (I'm on a 8-core) pegged to 100% by VW with no files open.

On my laptop (also Mac) but with the earlier original build of SP2 the processor utilization is more like 3-5% when VW is launched with nothing open and

during normal drawing use, 20-30%. I would expect high cpu usage when rendering, but this behavior seems odd without a file open.


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It's awful. and on my laptop, extremely noisy (since a processor stuck at full heats up and that triggers the fans to go to VTOL mode) and RUINs the battery.


After much googling, have not found a solution. Submitted a bug report, since it happens on application launch every time. May end up removing program and reinstalling service pack 1.

Apart from being a general nuisance, having one core constantly at 100% will decrease the effective life of my computer due to excessive thermal wear and tear and excess battery cycles.

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@Vincent: Sorry I was unclear. I was in fact on SP3 when I started experiencing the issue.

@Jonathan: YES: Gunther contacted me yesterday in response to the bug submit and mentioned the resource browser connection.

The known issue is that having the resource browser closed on application launch can cause one core of a CPU to max out.

I'm unfortunately away from my laptop and haven't been able to test this out. I can confirm that on my 2.8Ghz Core i7 iMac (Late 2009) I don't have this issue, regardless of the state of the resource browser.

I'll test out on the laptop as soon as I get back to it and report results here.

I should add - both machines have 90% similar software installed, and have all current OS and VW updates applied as of April 17th 2013.

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I have noticed on my macMINI that the CPU can jump to 100% usage when doing things in VW anytime the RB is closed. Running scripts is often the culprit. Opening the RB will quiet the beast.

So, it's not only an issue of the RB state at VW startup, it can happen any time the RB is closed. The good news is the fix is easy. Open the RB.


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Confirmed, I actually do have the symptom. I didn't notice because I have the resource browser open for the vast majority of the time.

VW pegs a single core (8 core machine) to ~100% when the resource browser window is closed. VW idles at >1% when the RB is open.

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