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can't see the lights?


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I'm working in Vectorworks Spotlight to create our coming show. I've created our theater in 3D, I've put trusses on the ceiling and i attached some par64, fresnel light etc from the 'altman' library.

After that i've added some focus points to aim the light, but now my problem: I would like to see the light shine, vectorworks draws the 'beam' with lines, but thats not what i want.

I would like to see the reel beams (even add some smoke if possible) so i can render the project to some nice pics.

Any idea what i am doing wrong.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Right click on the light and select "Turn On"

You can also use the visualization palette to turn lights on and off. If you assign channel and purpose it will be a lot easier to locate then in the Viz, otherwise they will just have unique identifiers as names.

You will want to turn off draw beams before rendering.

Lit fog can be controlled for each light when you edit the light. The density of the lit fog is controlled by the background texture applied to each layer.

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