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Movies and Panoramas without Quicktime ?

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Is there a way to export an animation or a VR panorama without using Quicktime ? (using VW 2013 on a iMac) I often encounter windows users who have difficulty uploading quicktime and therefore can't see my animated fly-throughs.

PS: I'd like to do it without buying any additional software. I'd really like to generate Windows media files, but in the few attempts I made, they translated very poorly from QT.

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Thanks for the help but .... neither solution works well. My 'clients' are mostly other City government employees who do not have 'administrator' priviledges and can not control their software. Every time I try to send them a QT movie they have to contact the IT department to load QT on their computers. At first I thought this was easy but our bureacracy has made it very hard. The other suggestion of software uses a "stiching" program to stich many still images together for VR panoramas. When i 've tried this in the past it often doesn't have good results and besides ... the VR panorama built into VW is so smooth and easy.

Any other suggestions ?

What I think i need is a convenient way to translate QT movies and VR panoramas into windows media or flash files. I tried one or two programs years ago and they didn't work well. Is there a good free one out there ?

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