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Floor Object Line Weights in VPs

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I've recently started using Floor objects for simple vertical extrudes. It's nice because instead of needing both a 3D extrude and a 2D/planar object for the item's plan representation, the Floor object, being a hybrid object, automatically includes both and, of course, is much easier to edit.

However, it seems that in Section Viewports, the line weights of Floor objects are not affected when the line weights of items beyond the section plane are set to use a single class (Advanced Section Properties > Attributes > Objects Beyond Section Plane > Line Style > Use Class). Rather, they seem to just retain the line weight of the class that they're in.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?...

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I think this is a bug. I've been having the same trouble with all objects (not specifically floor objects). What happens is that the objects beyond the section plane are drawn twice, once with the original attributes and again with the attributes of the overriding section style. You can see this if you set your 'objects beyond the section plane' section style to the finest line weight available (0.05) and a colour different from the original. Turn on Zoom Line Weights and zoom in. You should be able to see the fine coloured line overlaid on the thicker original lines.

See the attached drawing to see what I mean.

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I've gone into this at some length. If you can show me how you managed to have no issues I would be very pleased to hear how you did it.

The line weight of the class and whether the objects are set to use this is surely a red herring: the point of the exercise is to override all the line weight attributes for all the objects beyond the section plane using the Advanced Properties of the viewport. Therefore only the attributes of the overriding class should be visible in the viewport. In the file attached to my previous post the class 'A Section Distance' is used as the overriding class for objects beyond the section plane. This class has a line weight of 0.05 mm and a light green colour. The objects in the file have a variety of attributes (to test the problem), including some by class and some by object. In the screenshot attached to this post you can see the organisation dialog and part of a section viewport. The thin light green of 'A Section Distance' is clearly visible overlying the original attributes of the objects.

See if you can make a new file without this problem and post it up here!

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Thanks Bryan! But you have the same problem that I (and, I think, Will) have: the 'Objects Beyond Section Plane' override, set through the Advanced Section Properties dialog has not replaced the objects' own attributes (which is what it's supposed to do) it has overlaid them. That is why you can see the pale green line through the middle of all the objects beyond the section plane.

When I encountered this problem I was trying to show all the objects in elevation (as opposed to in section) in a common fine line. This is a common drawing convention, as I am sure you know. I couldn't achieve this, which I only understood when, instead of trying to replace the line weight, I tried to replace the line colour. This should be equally possible using the ASP dialog override, and this is what my example file demonstrates. The colour problem is more easily appreciated than the line weight problem, although it is the same (however, unless you have Zoom Line Thickness turned on it is difficult to appreciate on screen.

Can you see what I am driving at? If you use the ASP dialog override, all the original colours and line weights of the objects in elevation should disappear. They don't. None of the do. Try setting the colour of the override class to white. If WVs is working as advertised and you are using a white background, all the objects in elevation should disappear. Instead you get a white line through the middle of the original colours.

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Could you mark your drawing to show hat you are seeing. I am getting everything from your section line and beyond. I have given the back wall texture and the fountains also.

Sorry for the confession here but if you could clarify more by marking the issue I would like to experiment.

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Attached is a screenshot of the file that you modified. It shows the section viewport and the ASP dialog Attributes pane. I have also turned on Zoom Line Thickness.

I haven't applied any textures, other than the ones you have already added, however I note that the Background Render is set to Hidden Line, which is what I think one would normally use for this kind of drawing.

As I said before, the class 'A Section Distance' has line weight of 0.05 and colour pale green. If VW was working properly all the OBSPs should be displayed using only these attributes. In fact you can see 'fat' dark green and pink lines, which ought not to be there.

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