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too many image props?

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I've been adding image props to show photographs on my walls for an exhibit. As I was adding them, I would go to a camera view in Open GL to see the image props. After adding about 20 or so, going into Open GL mode would cause Vectorworks to freeze up. I've played around, re-done all the image props with lower res images (and deleting the original image textures) so that the file size was reduced greatly down from 45MB to 13.5MB. However, it still happens. If I turn the image prop class to be invisible, the rendering is fine and I am able to use the Walkthrough tool in the empty gallery. I made a second class for the image props and played around with having fewer image props and everything works fine when there are fewer (15 or so image props).

I haven't used image props much since I started using this computer, but when I check the Task Manager, it looks like I am using 73% of the computer's memory when I try to open GL render a view with all the image props?

Is it a graphics card issue? Memory issue? File issue? (Other files seem to work okay, but I don't typically use many image props).

File is too big to upload here, but I've uploaded it here:


(I actually can't even open this file anymore because the last time it saved, it was in Open GL mode, so if it opens for someone else, that would be helpful to know)

Vectorworks 2013 SP2

Dell Latitude E6430

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Intel Core i7-3720 QM 2.60 GHz

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