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Door palette needs positive checkbox for muntins

Tom G.


I'm having real problems with V2013, SP2, regarding behavior of windows and doors which is a bug of some sort. My file is off to the engineers. But I'm also having problems getting my muntins to show up in a "glass" type door leaf and I notice there is no positive check box for muntins either in the main palette or on the OIP. This needs to be provided.

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Tom, unfortunately the OIP can only hold so much info. After that it just gets too cluttered and too large. That's why they added the Settings button. I'm not saying I like it (in fact I complained really loudly when it was first introduced), however it is what it is, and I don't see it going away any time soon.

So, in order to save myself time and energy, I try to think ahead a little, as follows: I create one exterior door with a glass panel and with muntins (if desired). I use the Settings to do this, as is required. Once I have a door look/style that I like I simply duplicate it and insert where needed. You can also go one step further and make this first (prototype) door into a symbol. Then it's even easier to create more of them (and less resource intensive). It's even possible to set the Symbol up as a PIO, then you can easily change the size, etc. for any individual instance of it...

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