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wow impressed with 3d

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I can't comment on Revit's abilities, and I know that was your question. But your model is interesting. Can you explain why you chose to make the tank by using the extrude along path command? And then why you used the Shell Solid tool to hollow out the tank? I would have never thought of those tools. Not to say that my approach is better than yours, I don't know, but I would have swept a polyline profile to create the tank, and then done the rest of the modeling as you did.

As I was deconstructing your model, I noticed that there is no history mode for the Shell Solid tool. That's a problem for me. I avoid non-history mode tools if I can. Unfortunately the chamfer and fillet edge tools are ones I have to use often that don't have history mode. That always makes for extra work if the model needs to be altered.

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