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Printing setup question

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I have a 24" HP DesignJet T610 Plotter and need to produce a drawing that is about 48"x96" I have various custom size pages setup in my page setup i.e. 24"x36" etc. How do I force VW to print this large Sheet Layer into multiple small pages on the plotter? I can tile these printed pages to make one large drawing... I tried multiple options on pages setup but with no luck. Is there a way to tile these pages? I could manually create smaller viewport then print and glue them together but hoping I can do it automatically via the print menu.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Aloha Yogi, I haven't tried to tile sheets in a long time, however I used to do it way back... Try this: open a new blank file and go to File>Page Setup. Select your printer, and then set the desired finished dimension for the printed output. You should end up seeing a number larger than 1 for the vertical and horizontal fields, and you should see a graphic representation of the actual tiled sheets. See the attached screenshot for a visual...

Note of caution: you will almost inevitably waste some paper as this will take some amount of trial and error. However if you are diligent you should be able to get what you want.

One suggestion: perhaps your local repro shop (Kinko's or other) can actually print the size you need?

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Another approach is to move the full size viewport on the sheet layer.

>Draw match lines or other registration objects on or in the VP. One vert and one horiz for each segment to be printed.

>Drag the VP so one segment is over the page boundary. Then print.

>Move the VP & match lines so that the next segment is over the page boundary and print again. If final product is several segments, match lines for each adjacent segment need to be inside the print area.

>Cut & paste (scissors & gluestick) using the Match line to register everything.

Or a refinement to your current method if you don't have true borderless printing:

Use the page settings as Peter describes, but in the print dialog, pull down the Vectorworks menu and choose Layout. Then add a Single Hairline in the Border pulldown. This gives registration lines on each sheet. Hairline will be inside the boundary of the paper, so some cut & glue will be required unless you can accept the margins showing. This is a system setting, so will put a hairline border on every print/pdf from any software until you undo the border setting.



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