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Nomad and Tablets


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I'm thinking about buying a tablet to simplify my life on the jobsite. I want to be able to access all my drawing files (in VW format or pdf) via the tablet, but also be able to make written notes on the tablet either freehand or with a text tool. The four things I need most at the job are my drawings (with the ability to take notes), a calculator (shooting grades), and a camera. Is anyone else using a tablet this way? Is anyone using the Nomad App right now? Some feedback would be much appreciated.

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If you want to use nomad, it's not just a tablet, it has to be an iPad. At the moment Nomad will not work on an android tablet.

There are several ways you can use a tablet. You can create your own PDF drawings and copy them to the tablet, you can use an online system like Evernote, or Dropbox to store the drawings, and there are some online systems that allow you to store and annotate drawings online.

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miles, I used Nomad when it was first released. It is designed to generate PDF's of each Sheet Layer in a File and then allow you to open the PDF "Set" on an iOS device. The problems I saw were a) it generates every sheet and most of my files have many sheets, some that I want generated and some that I don't. As far as I know there is no way to pick and choose; b) sometimes with large files the renderings (done via the Cloud, on NVW's machines) would fail; c) If all I want is markable PDF's on my iPad it is so easy to make them myself and then open them in iBooks that it seemed redundant...

That said, I think the most notable and valuable aspect of Vectorworks Cloud Services (VCS) is that all of the VP Updating (read: rendering) is done by their servers, thereby freeing up time and computing power at your workstation. Unfortunately, my experience was that there were enough (rendering) failures that it became frustrating.

If you are already a subscriber you already have the VCS service and I would recommend giving it a try. Then let us know what you think. In all fairness I have not really gone back to fiddle with it in a while and it might have been improved.

EDIT: Additionally, if you haven't already done so, you should should watch the short video posted here: http://www.vectorworks.net/cloudservices/index.php (Click on the Cloud Services graphic). It does a good job of describing what VCS is, what it does and how to use it...

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The main problem I had with Nomad is that you have to be online for it to work. At least the last time I used it I could not load the files on my IPAD, it stores all the PDFs on the cloud. I only have the WIFI version of the Ipad, and I don't always have internet access where I work.

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