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Mac OSX Command Shortcuts showing in Screengrabs

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I've looked around for an answer but cant find one so seeking the help of you lovely people

I'm writing tutorials for my students on an iMac and VW2013

Whenever I use the Command, Shift, 4 screengrab key combo the menus in Vectorworks also show the Command Key Shortcut as soon as the Command Key is depressed making the screengrabs a bit useless.

For example here is a link to a "move by points" screen grab

Any help to switch off the shortcuts being displayed most gratefully received

Thank you


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Are you sure you're using Command, Shift 4 (Capture by Marquee) and not Command, Shift 3 (Capture Full Screen)? Once the crosshairs appear after pressing Command, Shift 4 you can let go of the keys you're holding. The shortcuts switch back to text and you can drag around the area you want to capture.


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What's happening is that the command key shows you the keyboard shortcuts on the dialog box. The workaround is to reset your screen shot keys to use a different combination

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Now I see what you mean. If you hit Shift-Command-4 and then release the keys, you can still use the mouse to draw the marquee.

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To elaborate on what Jonathan is saying; go to your system prefs, Keyboard, Keyboard shortcuts, Screenshots, 3rd down, select the key combination and change it to something without the command key. Let us know if this works for you.

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This thread has gotten confusing. If you use Command Shift 4 (Capture by Marquee), release the keys and then drag the crosshair to capture there would normally be no problem. If that's not working, that's a whole different problem.

You can certainly change the screen grab key combination on your Mac if you want to, but it shouldn't be necessary to solve the problem in the original example image.


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Macluskie use the Apple utility Grab instead. The capture result opens in a window which you can then save.

With Grab you can capture a:

- Selection;

- Window;

- Screen; or

- Timed Screen


- The image result is a .tiff file but that shouldn't pose any problems. If it is open it in Preview and Save As a .jpg or .png file.

- There are shortcuts for each mode.

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The thing is it works in 2012 but not in 2013 on the same machine with the same settings, why, sure there are work arounds but why is it? Just to be clear the problem is that the original dialog text doesn't reappear when you release the keys ie the screen shot does't represent what you actually see when you initiate the command.

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Just did an experiment

In 2012, on same machine, when you release the command key after the Command Shift 4 button combo the displayed shortcuts disappear and the menu reverts back to the image I want to capture

On 2013, this does not happen, the keyboard shortcuts remain even after the command key is released

Thanks for you help folks

Looks like a key combo remap is my solution for now

Here's a much better example of why its a problem, this screengrab would be used to explain the Create Resource menu...not very useful


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