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Replace symbol in resource browser with another symbol?


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Is it possible to completely replace a symbol in my resource browser with another symbol in the same document? For example, I need all my Example-A symbol to be replaced by the Example-B symbol. There are hundreds of instances of Example-A symbols in my document, which would make it time consuming to individually replace each symbol manually. I tried deleting symbol B from the resource browser, but there was no option to replace with another symbol.

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Use the magic wand tool to select all the Example-A symbols.

In the OIP there will be a Replace... button.

Click that and navigate to the Example B symbol.

The rotation and locations will be preserved. If Example-A and Example-B had attached record format(s) the specific data attached to each symbol will be lost.



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MichaelK, thank you for your response. That tip should definitely help out in the future.

However, I failed to mention that the symbol is imbedded in about 50 other symbols in the resource browser. Is there be a method to replace all the symbols at once? Thanks.

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Move symbol B to a new file.

Rename it to the same name as Symbol A in the file you want to change.

Navigate to the file with Symbol B via a resource Browser.

Select Import.

You should get a dialog box asking if you want to replace. Select yes.

Rename the Imported "Symbol A" to Symbol B.

The above assumes that you only have Symbol B there to replace Symbol A. If you actually have multiple instances of Symbol B you will probably have to convert both A and B to a temporary symbol and then replace them both.

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Copy Symbol-B.

Create a new file and paste Symbol-B into it.

Rename (in the new file) Symbol-B to Symbol-A.

Save the file somewhere easy to get to.

Switch back to the original file.

Using the resource browser navigate to and show the symbols in the new file.

Select Symbol-A (the renamed Symbol-B from the new file) and Import it.

You should get the dialog box asking you to use, rename or cancel.

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