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Yeah I received the email also and watched some of what the architect did

Blew my mind how complicated his processes were

He refers back to AutoCAD a bit

Remember some of what he is doing is in Layout

To me though he appears to be really organised with what he does and has grasped the processes well for him

I reckon he is jumping through some hoops to get there

Where is his data?

He uses the ?fog? and it appears has to mask his elevations etc

To me - nah

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I also was less than bowled over by the Sonder videos (watched 1,2 & 3) except to say that he did a good job with what he presented and I'd love to see a similar series from a Vwks guru on Youtube. Rush to abandon Vectorworks? Nah.

I do envy having objects galore (Trimble 3D Warehouse). And as an observation, I must say Mr. Sonder's habit shadowing of everything is distracting and not particularly helpful at imparting information to builders or plan reviewers--in my opinion.


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