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Local Mapping of Hatches


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Is there any way to locally map a hatch and have keep the local mapping after it is grouped and printed or printed then grouped or ungrouped?

Not sure what is going on here, but if you locally map a hatch on an object, then group the object, then print it, it loses the local mapping when the print command is called.

Secondly, if you locally map a hatch on an object, first print it, then group it, you lose the local mapping when it groups.

Thirdly, if you enter a grouped object, locally map a hatch on one of the contained objects, then exit the group, it prints fine, but the next time you enter the group you lose the local mapping.

Actually, now I am finding you don't even have to group the object. If you just locally map a hatch on an object and print the file, the if you do a screen redraw ("H" key twice) you lose the local mapping.

This occurs in VW 2012 SP5 and 2013 SP2.

So the way I see it, the local mapping feature is great if you never intend to print your file. Hmm...

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O.K. It now appears that once again, this issue is tied to the Quartz Imaging preference.

When quartz Imaging is disabled, Local Mapping of Hatches are stripped from your file when you print it. If you save the file before you print though, you can at least revert to saved to get the local mappings back. You just cannot get a print of the local mappings unless you enable Quartz.

Not sure why Quartz imaging would have anything to do with difference of printing a hatch unrotated or rotated 90?, but it seems that it does.

At least it does in versions 2012 and 2013. In version 2011 you can print local mappings with quartz disabled just fine.

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