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Surface Array


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I am trying to get a tile to repeat on a polygon using the surface array. Unfortunately I can't get it to lie on the polygon. The tile is repeated so that it is parallel to the ground plane.

The file is 8.8Mb (even stripped down)

Any help gratefully received


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Is there an offset in the OIP which could be corrected?

Maybe the array is moved off it's zero position because of some edit? Dbl click to edit the array, choose the Array Items option. A single instance of the arrayed object appears. Navigate to appropriate view and move the item by distance required. Unfortunately, the show other objects in edit mode does not work for this, so some guide objects or numeric data for the move are helpful.

Or, just create new objects and array again. Dbl click the array, choose Base Object. Select the base object and copy to clipboard. Exit the array, Paste in Place to get a new base object. Select the base and the louver, Create Surface Array.

Worked for me, anyway.


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