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Navigation Palette - Show/Snap, Show/Snap/Modify Others


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I'm a bit lost here - when I insert a lighting symbol - say a Source4 19deg - if the Navigation is set to Show/Snap I can't select it without drawing a box over the whole symbol. When I'm in Show/Snap/ Modify Others then it's easy, you just click on any part of the symbol. Why is this? I have created a class called Lights and when I use this as the active class and insert the symbol I'm just unable to select it. If I ungroup the symbol and go into 2D edit I can then change the symbols class from None to Lights but then the symbol needs to be converted again into a lighting instrument which means I can't select it. This is maddening - and it never used to do this in 2010 or 2011. Has something odd gone on with 2013 or am I just supposed to use the None class for everything I do? Surely not...

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OK thanks for that - I understand now why it's been so hard to select things. This means then that I can't have a Lighting class when doing my lighting plans. Or a Truss class or a Stage class or a Venue class because everything comes in automatically on the None class and can't be edited. I kind of fail to see why there are classes at all if everything defaults to the None class. Why can't you insert a lighting instrument on the class you want and it stays on that class - surely that would make sense and is sort of why you have classes in the first place. In fact shouldn't everything no matter what type of symbol automatically update to the class it is being inserted on. Then everything works properly when you use Show/Snap.

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I think you'll be frustrated having Class Options set to Show/Snap.

The objects inside a symbol don't take on the class of the symbol. (And there are good reasons for that)

A symbol or group is like a container. The container has a class assignment, but the objects inside the container can have their own class assignment(s). You can have objects of many different classes inside a symbol or group. Controlling the visibility of classes in the navigation palette can "turn on" parts of symbols you only need for certain situations. (i.e., the Label Legend manager puts the channel information into a class called Label-Channel, the unit number into a class called Label-Unit Number...)

So the symbol for a stick of tomcat truss will be in your truss class, but the geometry inside the symbol will be another (predefined) class or classes.

VW can't predict that you want all the geometry inside the truss symbol to be in the same (user defined) class as the container. There are may benefits to having those classes different. (selective visibility of components, control of graphic attributes of components, etc).

It works better if you have the Class Options set to Show/Snap/Modify Others and use the Nav palette to control visibility. Or place objects on different layers if you need to control selectability.

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Just to reinforce Michael's comments, I find that my usual settings for classes are to show/snap/modify and my usual layer settings are anything but /modify. Other settings for classes or the /modify others setting for layers are the exceptions to the rule for a specific task.

Keeping those settings in mind may help guide you as to when to make something a layer and when a class.



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