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Creating Survey Points for contouring

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I am using VW Landmark 2011 on a windows machine. I have imported survey data and am creating contours. I would like to add some "points" to the data at an area I was unable to get survey shots. Without points, the contours are not correct. I need to populate the area with points I create with elevations I know to be correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can edit the site model source data to add your points. Right click on the model and choose Edit Site Model Source Data. Then, add your 3D Locus points and click Exit Site Model to incorporate the changes.

An alternative method is to use Stakes. The Stake tool produces a hybrid object that shows a 2D marker and the elevation, and includes a 3D Locus at the correct height. This stake can modifier the site - set its mode to Site Modifier and choose to modify the Existing site. This differentiates it from modifiers that will change the site according to your design proposals.

Hope that helps

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Stake objects are great but I tend to reserve them for later manipulation of the DTM that way they can be later adjusted if needed. In the instance where Don2012 is mentioning that he did not record specifics on the site and now wants to "add" missing points I would recommend locus points as they will embed with the other gathered points. Either method though will work just fine and for a quick addition to a small plan I will use Stake object.

Don, what was your original method of gathering data?

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