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Light Devices and Objects should Emit Light as well as project light



This request is related to the inability currently to have any lighting device emit light from the inside of the device. What I mean is if you look inside a real lighting device you're able to see the light coming out of the device through the lens. This is particularly helpful when looking at vectorworks models that contain lighting objects and the light begins unrealistically outside of the lighting device.

Much in the same way a lamp generates light in real life, lighting objects and devices in vectorworks remain dark while the light desired from these objects is generated from around the light, or outside of the lighting device.

I think it would add a tremendous amount of realism to see lights that look like they are creating the light, not the light beginning outside of itself. Effects should then be able to be added to the light lens, such as star filters, lens flairs and so on.

As of now the work around for this is a tedious process of exporting the 3d model and working in another program to create the light.

This should not be confused with lit fog, as that is also energy created outside the device.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Here is an example of how I made the lens glow. Let me start with saying that I hardly ever use actual lighting instruments to light my renders, so this light that I created does not have a light device in it. I find that using the lighting a scene like I light a stage is not practical. I can use many less light devices and get them to work how I want to. The only time I use a lighting instrument to light is when I need shutters.

So, for this I pretty much drew a lens that fit in the front, I think it is 1/4" inch. I applied a texture that I called "lens glow." The only field I changed in the texture was I added glow at 100%.

I hope this helps.

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I am grateful for this forum beyond words, it' saved me many a time. And so I seek help again...

In following the gist of the Linzey/Landru webinar, I cannot manage to keep the lens part of the fixture, once it's been inserted as a lighting instrument. At that point, the lens element is disappeared from the body. As far as I can tell, all classing / layering seems to be ok. Not attaching the lens to the body thru the data tab results in a a non-rotating lens. And that's it's own special mess.

Your thoughts are appreciated!

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