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resedit, again

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Hello Franscesco,

I read your message and I can help you.

ResEdit is a separate program from Apple which is not included in the operating system.

However I can help you. Send me your email address directly to the following email :


I will send you ResEdit and the documentation to the email address you specified.

I have to warn you for one important thing : NEVER EDIT ACTIVE RESOURCE FILES ESPECIALLY SYSTEM FILES. You have to make sure that the resource files you edit are not used at that time. And make sure you know what you are editing!

I wish you a very nice day.

Friendly greetings,

StarGateDesselBelgiumEuropeemail : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be smile.gif" border="0

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Whatcha doing with ResEdit? The vast majority of Macintosh users should never have a reason to use it. On the other hand, if you have a good reason to be using it (such as translating some of the text in a program if the software publisher itself doesn't), I'd be curious to know. Realize that whatever changes you make will most likely be discarded when you install the next version of whatever you're changing. And StarGate's caution bears repeating.....you can really make a big mess of things using ResEdit if you aren't really careful.

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