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Walkthrough in OpenGL 2013 slow?

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I just converted a project from 2012 to 2013 and I'm noticing that OpenGL walkthrough is suddenly slow and exhibits strange behavior. It will update initially at like 1 frame per second (big jumps in space), then if I release the mouse and start again, it will be smooth and fluid for a second or so, then freeze and jump around again. I can repeat release and restart and usually get it to work for a second. Anyone else noticing this? I'm wondering if it's 2013 or something I did in my file. Since I never noticed the on-off smooth behavior before, I'm guessing that there's some kind of key frame or cache that's new in 2013.

(I don't use OpenGL shadows, and changing resolution from high to low does not affect performance).

VW2013 SP1

Win 7 x64

NVIDIA Quaddro 4000

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Vincent, that is psychedelic. OpenGL is on acid. I haven't seen anything like that. It's just the jumping, the sporadic operation, the reversion to wireframe.

I found out by accident that if you let a perspective view sit for a few minutes, Walkthrough will give you quite a few seconds of smooth navigation. I reckon this only happens with complex files, but the same project in v2012 was fine.

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Improved walkthrough performance to a decent level by the following measures:

1) changed NVIDIA settings from multiple monitor to single monitor and turned off anti-aliasing

2) changed OpenGL settings in document to Med detail instead of High

3) changed VW 3d preferences to midpoint for rotation and "always" for retain 3d model.

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