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Don't recommend 2013 SP2 if you use WGRing

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Christiaan, just about to install SP2, thanks for the tip! Have you reported this to quality control? NNA, are you going to evaluate and let us know if this needs to be fixed and when? SP2 has a ton of bug fixes, some of which are important to me, but when someone like Cristiaan says it doesn't work, we pay attention.

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Pete, I haven't had a chance to submit a bug report yet. Made the stupid decision of applying this update while I'm on a deadline.

I've only tested this on one project but SP2 definitely triggered the problem with this file. I was able to update the references with SP1 on another machine and I resolved matters on my machine (and another) by reverting them back to SP1.

You could test it yourself by duplicating your VW application folder and applying the update to just one of them.

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I just noticed some weirdness with WGR in 2013 SP1, in a set of files migrated from 2012. Updating an existing reference resulted in a whole series of naming conflicts. The conflicts were between resources in the target document ("Plan") and the same names that existed in the referenced document ("Kitchen") as "groups." Why there are hidden names of groups I don't know. I aborted the update, which did not cause a crash, and cured the problem by:

1) deleted the reference to "Kitchen" in "Plan";

2) deleted the circular reference in "Kitchen" that showed the floor plan layer from "Plan";

3) recreated the reference to "Kitchen" in "Plan," no problem experienced;

4) recreated reference to "Plan" in "Kitchen."

So far, no problem with all that, and no naming conflicts.

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