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PIO trivia

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I]Hopefully we will have a better solution for this type of problem in a future version of VectorWorks.[/i]

I also noticed that making a pio regenerate another one is not possible. I wrote a set of 2d level pio : the first one is a tool that places a reference pio named 'zero' and then calls level plugin objects referring to this zero to retrieve their own y coordinates. The dark side is that when 'zero' is moved, plug-in objects don't regenerate themselves unless a regenerating menu is run.

Maybe for VS 10 ?



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Ouch..please excuse my bad english and thank you.

But no, I don't think cos the deal is this one : one pio is taken as a reference (x,y) by others to evaluate their own coordinates. If you move them all you're right. But if you move only the reference, others don't move so there's to call a regeneration of all pios. This can be done with a menu or tool plugin but it doesn't work, even with the same code, something as setclass(getclass) as far as I recall, from within another pio.



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Here goes some code to redraw all PIOs in a drawing:

Procedure ReveilleMatin;{'r?veille-matin' is French for 'alarm clock' }{it will 'wake up' (redraw) all Plug-In Objects (PIOs) }{This will only work from inside a resource script, }{command menu (VSM) or tool (VST) } {-----------------------------------} Procedure WakeUp( H : Handle); BEGIN SetClass(H,getclass(H)); END; {-----------------------------------} BEGIN ForEachObject(WakeUp,((T=PlugInObject))); END; Run(ReveilleMatin);

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I've done some experiments and found that you can regenerate one PIO from another. If the PIO that you want to regenerate is selected first it can be done. Now that may not be perfect but it does work. If your willing to regenerate your parent PIO twice in a row the first regeneration can select the child PIO and the second regeneration can then do the parameter changes to the child even from within the parent. You also mentioned being able to regenerate a PIO from a menu command. Why not try calling your menu command from within your PIO. May not work depending on the order of scripts being executed.

If nothing else some ideas to try.Dave

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