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2D symbol error revisited

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I spoke with someone (I really should get names) about this problem, and he could not get the problem to duplicate. It was thought It could be my video card, MatroxG450, which has been an endless source of problems, however I have just been able to duplicate the problem on a coworkers computer.It comes after using the cuplicate array tool on a symbol.Once the duplicate array tool is used with a symbol I can no longer insert a 2D symbol from any source.I can still copy and paste symbols but not insert them.

Any new thoughts?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


When you did the duplicate array, did you use the Ctrl+Alt+D keyboard shortcut? When you have the symbol insertion tool selected, pressing the alt key temporarily switches the tool into pickup mode. If you do the Ctrl+Alt+D for duplicate array, the symbol tool is left in pickup mode. To then insert a symbol, you first need to go to the mode bar and click on the far left button, to return it to insertion mode.

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