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VW 3013 Bug? (rotated view issue)

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Hello -

We are working on a couple of projects that have elements that are not oriented to 0 / 90 / 180 / 270 degrees. Typically, to work on elements like these, I rotate the plan view on the screen so that those elements align with up / down / left / right on the monitor. This simplifies drawing rectangles, lines, etc. as wells as entering angles, lengths, etc.

However, when I create a group and resize it using the object info palette, the group gets moved to a seemingly random location. For example, if the group is 10' x 10' and I resize it to 15' x 10' (having selected the upper left handle in the object info. palette) the entire object moves from it's original location. That is, the "X" and "Y" fields in the object info. palette change randomly.

This ONLY occurs when I am in a rotated view. The "X" and "Y" fields do not change when the view is not rotated.

This did not occur in Version 2009.

Also, and perhaps this related, I have noticed that when I copy an object, click on a point on the screen, then "paste" (not "paste in place") the object does not show up where I clicked. Has this feature changed? Again, this only occurs when the plan view is rotated.

Is this a bug?

Thanks for any tips.

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