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P Retondo

Corrupted subtractions + roofs

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Working with VW 8.5.2 and a 3D model of a building. This morning my file opened up with multiple corrupted objects. All 6:12 roofs are 12:12, all 3:12 roofs are flat, and most but not all solid subtractions are failed.

System: WinXP, P4 2.2G, 512MB RAM

I can fix these objects, but if this is a continuing problem, VW is dead for me and for this office because we are using the program specifically for its ability to create 3D models in a hurry. I have to use ver 8.5 because my new version 9.5 has a bug in the walkthrough tool which freezes the program. Does anyone have experience with these problems? Thanks!

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Added info on corruption: it is possible to restore the failed subtractions merely by "entering" them (ctrl+[) and exiting (ctrl+]). This apparently regenerates the geometry.

On the roof problems, some of the roofs were corrupted, some were not. Roofs were corrupted differently depending on certain circumstances. 6:12 roofs became 12:12. Roofs that had been ungrouped to edit their planes were changed variously. Some 3:12 ungrouped roofs became flat; some that had been gathered into groups changed from .0025" rise per .01" run to .03" rise per .1" run.

Any information on these baffling corruptions would be greatly appreciated.

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Happened to me with version 8.5.2

not in 9.5.2

Same thing as yours with roofs.

I tried referencing the 3D layers into a new

file, then remove the reference leaving the

elements in place. It worked, no corruption


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Thanks for confirming that you have had this problem!

Is it possible that the problem has to do with units accuracy? I say that because one thing I did the same day this problem came up was to add layers at 1"=40', when previously all layers had been at 1/4". I also notice that the information palette for the rise and run of roof elements has strange behavior. Instead of showing 3" / 12", some of the corrupted roofs show .003" / .01". When I attempt to edit .003" to .0025", the program reverts the entry to .003". When I change both fields to 3" and 12" respectively, those numbers are accepted. The 6:12 roofs show .005" / .01", which might have been rounded to .01" / .01" if unit accuracy had been downgraded by adding the layer at 1"=40'.

Since VW 9.5 uses 64 bit numbers, this accuracy problem would not be as much of an issue. Can anyone at NNA or among users comment on how likely this explanation is, and are there any tips on how to avoid the problem in 8.5?

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