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AutoCad model space import?

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Basically Model Space = Design Layer and Paper Space = Sheet Layer.

If all floors are in model space in the same file you have a problem....they are probably drawn side by side (a common, stupid and lazy way of drafting in autocad), depending on what you're going to do with them, golden rule no. 1 import everything into a clean new VWs file created especially for this, then reference this file into your drawing file as viewports, this way you can use them as a trace and move them into the correct position manually, you can even use the viewports for presentation purposes, cropped if necessary.......

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Thought so......create a viewport containing the Vws file with the imported dwg(s) on your DL plan 1 then copy paste the viewport onto your DL plan 2 and move it to the correct position so that plan 2 ends up on top of plan 1 etc. and off you go.....

Tip: importing dwgs into the drafting file can lead to many problems, better to use Viewports of the referenced file instead to avoid double drafting, it usually saves time and frustration later on.....

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