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Use a Space to generate areas from Polylines (taking voids into account)


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Can anyone help please?

I'm trying to use the 'Space' tool to generate areas.

It seems to work ok, but won't work when i want to exclue columns or lift shaft voids.

i'm not using walls, just poly lines. I have subtracted the void on the shape and the correct area shows on the 'object info pallette'.

but when i generate the space area, it disregards the void.

I have the option checked in the settings for 'inside walls less columns'. this does nothing. i've tried other variations of the settings and it still doesn't include the void.

so far manually adding is quicker.


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It would be helpful to know what version of VW you are using.

If I understand what you're trying to do...

After you draw the space object, you can draw any closed polygon, polyline, circle, rectangle, etc on top of the space object, select the object and the space object, Modify > Clip Surface.

The space object will update and show a smaller area.

If you use the double line polygon tool (set to create polygons) as walls you can do the same.

The space object option for inside walls less columns assumes that you are using VW walls and column objects.



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