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Exporting a image with a clear Background

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I am trying to export a sheet layer as a image with a clear background and currently am without luck in being able to accomplish this.

I am in the sheet layer I go to file - export - image file. For selected area I have the radio button for each page as a separate image checked and the proper dimensions are set.

For format I have tired PNG and Tiff image, but no luck without going into the exported image and doing some editing.

The bulk of my sheetlayer does not have any geometry on it and I want that area to remain clear.

Does anyone have a way of doing this?

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Not a bad idea. Two slight problems in my application.

My end result is to export all the pages on my sheet layers as images to put into a power point presentation. I want each of these images separate. Doing this as a eps doesn't work like exporting a image file. I than have to go through and break every area I want as a separate image to be a separate image. This does not work for my application as I am constantly changing things for this project.

Also I did drop a eps into the power point presentation to see how it would work. It will go int the presentation, but it looks very different than a standard image, it is very pixelated on text. That does not serve my purpose either.

My problem is that I have a consistent page size on my sheet layer and often times the viewport or geometry does not fill the whole paper, so having that are in the presentation appear white on a dark background in the presentation looks silly.

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