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Strucad 3D steelwork into Vectorworks


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Sure, except we're not doing BIM. We're modelling a project in 3D and deriving traditional 2D documentation from the model. That's about it really. The structural engineer is providing 2D DWG files, which we reference in and check the traditional way.

It just so happens that the steel fabricator uses Strucad so I was hoping to get 3D steelwork off him. That way I can double-check his output and don't have to model the steelwork myself.

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I've just got a package of 2D DWGs from StruCAD too...along with a tantalising PDF version of the 3D model that the fabricator has built. Now we don't have a 3D model to insert it into anyway...but it just seems such a waste that I have to check the steel fabrication design manually by importing every single DWG export of theirs... BIM will be a better way!

I don't think StruCAD is going places though. I think Trimble bought it for the subscribers rather than the software.

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I've received 3D DXFs via Strucad from steel fabricators previously which I've been able to import into VW2009 and it's worked ok. The only issue is that the steel imports as heaps of 3D polygons which makes the file size pretty large.

To reduce the impact on my master file, I referenced the steel structure in from a separate VW file, but the section viewports in the master took a long time to regenerate - this was probably a combination of all the 3D polygons and referencing in the steel model. Maybe 2013 might handle this better.

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