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How to assign objects inside a group or symbol to a certain class?


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Hi ,

does anyone know how to assign objects inside a group or symbol to a certain class?

I am importing loads of DWG files. the files have created lots of groups and symbols that i want to 'explode' but put the contents on the parent class of the symbol or group.

i.e i have a group which has all the ceiling lines in. the lines inside the group area on class '0'. the group is on class 'ceiling lines'. how to i assign the lines inside the group to 'ceiling lines'. then ungroup?

I dont want to manually do this, as i have a lot to do.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


You will need to double-click the group, choose Edit > Select All and then change the class on the Object Info palette.

Then, click Exit Group at the top right of the screen. The group will be retained, but you have edited its contents.

When you say you have lots to do, do you mean you have many groups that contain the same geometry? Or does each group have different geometry. If each group contains copies of the geometry in other groups, creating symbols would ultimately be more efficient as one change will be replicated across the entire drawing.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply.

I guess i was looking for the 'quick fix'

i remember an option in AutoCAD. you could select a block, and right click and choose 'set nested items to block layer' everything inside the block was then assigned to the block layer.

i just wondered if there was a vectorworks equivalent ?

when you create a symbol you get to choose wether the layers inside go to the symbol layer,

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


No - I don't think you can do that.

The only thing that might be possible is to use Tools > Class and Layer Mapping. That way you could merge all member of the 0 class (DWG layer) into the new class. But I realise you may have other elements within the drawing that you don't want to merge to the new class.

You might also want to look at Tools > Utilities > Change Symbol Attrs. This might do what you want - but it won't work on groups. You'll need to run Create Symbol on your grouped elements first.

Hope that helps

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