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Is 3d hatch almost available?

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Just exploring the Create Surface Array command. It creates array of 2d or 3d vector objects on 3d surfaces. For instance lines to represent siding or shingles can be arrayed on surfaces extracted from walls, slabs, roofs. It could become the basis for that oft desired 3d Hatch. It works now, offering visibility in all render modes, but requires extraction of a surface from the wall. The missing link is a surface component (no thickness) for each face of the wall (or slab or roof) in the wall components list - sort of a paint layer in the wall definition.

Instead of extracting a surface after the wall is created and having to reextract and re hatch that external surface every time the wall is changed, this surface is a wall component. It has a class definition for color, line weight, etc. It auto updates same as the other components - accepts holes and recesses when Door in Wall (etc) is added, moved, deleted. The component dialog box offers a channel to add lines, tiles or other vector objects via the Array Surface command, much like a color or texture is added to the current components.

Sooo close. Any one else try this?



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