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Combining and Connecting of Polylines


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Does anybody has problems with the Combining and Connecting of Polylines?

In VW Landmark 2010 I had no problems, in VW 2013 I can't combine or connect Polylines, I get the message Combine/Connect failed and I don't get the dialogbox as described in the manual:

"In this situation, the Connect/Combine Options dialog box opens."

Maybe I missed a setting, I'm coming from VW 2010 Landmark.

VW 2013 Landmark

Win 7 64 bit

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Thank you mike,

I was also thinking about that, because I had that problem in VW 2010 sometimes. But here it is different. I open a blank document, draw two lines and combine them, no problem. I draw two polylines and can't combine them and get the red messsage, bottom right Connect/Combine failed.

If you have no problem in VW 2013 Win 7 I have to look further.

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No connect / combine tool is working with Polylines.

1. Open blank document

2. Draw normal line, everthing ok.

3. Draw polylines (open) not working.

4. Class none, Design layer, Plane layer

If I draw polygons (open) in vertex mode I have no problems.

So line ok, polygon ok, polyline no

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Yep. I'm seeing it, too. In 2013, SP 1.

If there are only corner vertices in a polyline, then the combine/connect tool fails.

It even fails if you carefully draw a straight "line" with the polyline tool in bezier mode. As soon as those polylines have just a hint of a curve the combine/connect tool works on them.

Looks like a bug to me. Please submit it.


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