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Geometry in 2013

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

May be encountering this too late to matter;

Also, please be patient as I probably don't understand the problem;

This doesn't seem to me to be an apples to apples comparison;

The geometry is clean in Vectorworks;

It gets exported to Cinema; The geometry is different; It would seem that the geometry is being changed somehow once it arrives into Cinema, so what happens during the export from Cinema to Vectorworks? My experience is that geometry is often compromised when exported to other apps.

The images of faceted geometry in Vectorworks is rendered by a polygonal rendering engine in Vectorworks; The result seems logical.

What am I not understanding here?

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Are you serious? Have a look (a proper look) at the pdf's again and you'll notice they have examples of vw2012 graphical viewports. I don't think I could have labelled it clearer.

To reiterate, the pdf's shows vw2012 viewports only AND vw2012 compared to vw2008 AND vw2012 compared to C4D using the same type of geometry. Importing the geometry into C4D is not the problem because vw2008 doesn't have this issue. Also based on the vw2012 viewports, it's clearly visible that the problem is there even before it gets to C4D. The point I'm making is that vw2008 and C4D has better geometry than vw2012.

Look at the chair-ipod pdf (only with vw2012). You'll notice in both pages I've included Red Crosses indicating were the problems are and Green Ticks were things are ok. It seems that the higher the geometry resolution is set in vw2012, the more acute the problem is.

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It would be helpful if someone from VW Tech would reply:

1. Acknowledge the issue.

2. Explain why VW fails to render curves properly on screen.

3. Inform us if there will ever be a fix.

On screen curves look great for early 1990s CAD. They are completely unacceptable today. Don't blame the graphics card. It's VW.

I've noticed that when printing either to PDF or local printer, the output is great. So, why the on-screen issues?

It's time to move this issue to the top of the development list.

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