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Phased planting plan


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Is there a way to include my plant symbols for one phase on the same drawing as another phase without the plant tags showing up for both phases? When I've tried a custom selection, the object info palette doesn't show the option. I don't know if my file is corrupt or if this just isn't an option.



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Thanks for your response and offer to help me. To clarify, it's not the plant list but the plant tags on the drawing.

It's the class that's created automatically with the place plant tool: Plants-Component-Tags. When I select a single plant, all of the characteristics and options display in the Object Info Palette. I can change the tag display option to none for a single plant or grouping. However, if I select the first phase (or another phase) plants with a custom selection, only the layer, class and number of objects displays in the Object Info palette.

When I changed the class option to active only or anything other than show/snap/modify, I get the same results in the Object Info palette.

The new plants for each phase are in a separate class but on the same layer. I don't know if I can create a separate class for the plant tags for each phase that will connect to that phase.

I want to show the plant symbols for the entire project but only have the plant tags and plant list on the drawing for that phase. I'd like to know a more efficient way to do this that to select each plant grouping individually.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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