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Hi Thom, If it is a 90? or 180? rotation you can use keyboard shortcuts for 90? L (control L) or 90? R (control shift R). Other than that I don't know of any existing command. But I'll bet a script could be written. The other thing you might find useful is the option to Rotate Duplicates in the Duplicate Array command... But if course this only works if your duplications AND rotations are even and repeating...

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These are great but when it comes to irrigation design the ability to initially select the spray radius then click to set head then click to set one fixed side then click to set final side. this would be the best option for layout. Although a faded full circle as a guide would also help.

The problem here is I can get VW to do anything but in many instances it is not efficient to work in the give parameters of the program as it is now.

Thus we need an irrigation module.

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