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adjusting a box by an amount, not the total size of box


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hello, i'm n AutoCADer just starting in VW.

can anyone help?

I have a simple box say its 300 x 400mm.

i want to grab one end and move it 5mm.

if i type 5mm the box width changes to 5mm.

if there a way to enter the amount i want to move and not the overall amount?

thanks for any help

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Its not clear if you mean that you want to shift the whole rectangle by 5mm or if you want to change the width or height by 5mm.

If you want to move the object then this can be done using the OIP. On the OIP the X and Y fields show the location of the selected anchor point relative to the drawing zero so you could try adding or subtracting your 5 mm from the value you want to change. Easier still is to use the Move command (modify menu) and simply move the object 5mm in the required direction.

If you want to subtract 5mm from its height or width values then just type in the new value you want (295 or 395). Make sure you select an appropriate anchor point first. Note you can do maths on the OIP and the dialog boxes so you could simply type in -5 after the width or height values and the program will do the maths for you.

If you are just starting with Vw then the Getting Started Guides will be invaluable to you: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/getting-started-guides/

The supplementary movies that are included with them cover most of the basics.

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I just read your post again. Do you want to stretch one end of your box larger? You can type in the new box size in the Object Info Palette, or you can select your box, click on the Reshape tool, make a 2 point rectangular pick around the parts of your box you want to stretch, and click and drag to stretch or use the move command to enter X and Y relative distances. Unfortunately the 2 point move command can't be used here because it cancels the Reshape command.

Garry Steinhilber

W.T. Leung Architects Inc.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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thanks for the replies.

i do understand that you kind of have to forget and embrace the different way it works.

what i was failing to do was.

draw a rectangle any size.

grab the left middle grip (blue square), then move in the direction I want to resize, butt type in the amount I want to move the grip.

If i TAB into the floating data box it will only let me type the total width of the rectangle. can i type +5mm or whatever into the floating box?

the reshape tool is good and works great.

I think the problem is when its a parametric shape and not polygons.

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sybgoe - don't tab into the width and height fields because that hilights them and whatever you type next will overwrite what is hilighted.


- choose the anchor point you want.

- then click into the end of the width or height fields

- then add or subtract the value you want to change the width or height by (see first image).

Another way to do it is to use the Marquee mode of the 2D Reshape tool (see second image)

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