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Integrate all bits and pieces.

Dieter @ DWorks


With every release of VW, more bits and pieces are added, but none of them get integrated very well and we end up with just a pile of objects that's get the user confused and VW hard to manage/work with.

I want to see the new stuff integrated into the existing stuff. An excellent example is the Auto-Hybrid. Why is this another object (plug-in)? If they just build this feature into the symbols, we would had so much more from it like more use in worksheets, placing multiple instances of the same 3D volume but with different section heights, .... The extra object is again more confusing because when do you use wich object? How to define your worksheet formulas to get all objects you want? The more objects VW has, the harder it gets to work with all of them.

So please integrate everything more, so that VW can become simpler in terms of wich objects to use for certain stuff etc...

Other examples:

- The drawing label should be integrated into viewports, so that the position can be set by a control point and the properties through the viewport properties. This will speed things up because now we need to edit the annotations to set the drawing label each time we want to change it, or the scale changes, ....

- Text styles should be integrated into the classes.

- All viewport types should be integrated into one viewport. Then we can decide if we want a sort of marker/section line for elevations, we can then switch from one to another, ...

- Integrate the repetition object, or what it's called, with the new line style resource.

- The many mep tools could also be more integrated.

- ...

Please do this for the next version! It will be easier for both the users and the programmers.

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Yes please!

- Why not make the wall tool into one, and put the straight and round wall options on the mode bar, preferably do away with the 2 all together and introduce a polyline mode instead.

- The same goes for the wall and component join tools, merge those too and have the options as mode bar options instead.

- Ceiling grid and slab can be merged too, just let the ceiling be a special slab type....

- Window, Door and Curtain walls can be merged too.

- All the different dimensions options can be merged too.

- The 2 handrail tools should be merged.

- All the different stair tools should be merged too.

- The protractor and Tape measure tool can be merged too.

- 2D and 3D chamfer and fillet tools can be merged too.

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Agreed, there has definitely been a tendency to just add more stuff, without looking at the big picture.

Instead of just saying "we need to add this feature" there needs to be a Steve Jobs figure looking at the big picture and asking "how would the user expect this to work?" "How would I want this to work?" "Does this need to be here? If not, get rid of it."

I've added this to the "overarching theme" for v2014 wishlist:


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