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Attributes Palette not displaying dash styles

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While Line Types (formerly know as Dash Styles) are now resources (available in the Resource Browser), they are still available through the Attributes palette. They're just accessed little differently. In the Attributes palette change the Pen Style to "Line Type" and you'll see the Line Type options appear on the palette. While it may be a little more cumbersome than in previous versions, it's now consistent with how other attributes are accessed.

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This is seriously slowing down the drawing process,

is there a way to revert to the former 2012 way of selecting dashed lines etc,

as there are now 3 steps instead of previously one step to alter line thicknesses and styles etc, and i cant seem to find a way to customise the toolbar for this option,

3 steps instead of 1 means literally at least double time to finish a drawing, we are a very busy small architect office, and this time is cruicial for the success of the business, something needs to be done on this, thank you...

any thoughts?

kind regards anton

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In our office, we have some classes set up specifically with certain line weights and dashed styles to avoid using the attributes palate altogether (Line Weight-03, Line Weight-06, Line Weight-09, Dash-Small, Dash-Medium, Dash-Electric... etc). This better insures consistency among our 20 users. If we were to encourage the use of the attributes palate, then one person's opinion of lineweight/type would vary from another's.

Now given that the line types reside in the resource palate, you "might" try dragging and dropping a preferred linetype directly onto an existing line to change it. This procedure could be as fast as picking it from the attributes palate.

(I don't have VW open right now to try it out.)

Furthermore, the ultimate advantage of linetypes being a resource is having the ability to have them formally named & shared by many users across a network - just like the other resources.

hope this helps,


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