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Export as 2D Graphics


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I have been using, or should I say trying to use the new 'Export 2D Graphics' option when exporting DXFs.

Unfortunately it converts all the curved arc into lots of individual straight lines which is useless for laser/water cutting or routing.

I can only imagine that the script invokes the 'convert to lines' with 'hidden line rendering' option which does the same thing and makes the command pointless. This leaves me with the old workflow of extracting a planar face method, time consuming at best.

Why don't the software engineers ask somebody who actually uses the program in 'real life' what it is that would make things work better rather than wasting time adding something that is incompatible with production methods.

This is one of the few features that interested me in 2013, but as usual it has been badly implemented

(Frustrated again, I'm afraid)

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