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Best way to detail from 3D model


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OK, so I'm used to using AutoCAD LT and have been drawing 2D sections for many years. Now I have tried VWA, built a 3D model, and wondered the best way to produce detailed sections. I have looked at various methods and I guess you do what is best for your own workflow but the issues I have come up against are:

I have managed to create a sheet layer viewport and it shows the section. The section is 1:50 so when I detail over it, it doesn't work typing in the full scale dimensions (eg; 50x100 plate)because of the scaling. Similarly with dimensions to show floor to ceiling heights etc, they are all in paper scale rather than model scale. Do I create a 1:1 viewport - how do I get around this?

So I tried a design layer viewport - I have failed to create a successful design layer viewport. I have inserted the section line running from front to rear on plan, created it on a new layer (design layer 1) but I can't work out how to show the section let alone detail upon it. It just shows on plan or elevation with a red cross through the section area.

How do I detail? I haven't tried 2013 yet and it detail viewport - can you detail over this at 1:1 scale?

I appreciate your continuing support - don't know where I would be without it.

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Hi Richard

In the Sheet Layer Viewport you need to enter the 'Annotations' layer by either right clicking on the viewport and selecting edit annotations or double clicking the viewport and selecting annotations. Then the dimensions will be at the correct scale.

The red cross may mean that you have not selected the right layer. Use the OIP and click on 'Layer' to select.

Hope the words, Grandmother, eggs & suck are not applicable here!!!!

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